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AIM Institute for Learning & Research

A research-driven, IDA-accredited, digitally-delivered learning tool that teachers can learn, practice, and apply in their classrooms.


The AIM IGNITE Center accelerates learning by engaging teachers and students in applied research as part of AIM's Haskins Global L2 (Language and Literacy) Innovation Hub partnership.

Research to Practice Symposium

An annual literacy symposium where educators and researchers engage with each other at the important intersection of research and practice.

Wilson® Accredited Partner


As a WILSON® Accredited Partner School, AIM offers numerous Wilson® Language Training courses to educators throughout the region.

Access to the Experts Series

A speaker series providing all educators and parents access to the most recent advances in cognitive science and teaching methodologies.

Teachable Moments

A series of brief conversations with experts and researchers in the field of literacy and learning.

Integrated Literacy Model (ILM)

The ILM includes core six components for training educators to effectively teach reading and improve student literacy outcomes.


AIM's Pathways to Structured Literacy programs use the Orton-Gillingham approach to train literacy educators in evidence-based practices.

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The AIM Institute for Learning & Research is pleased to announce an agreement with Arcadia University’s School of Education to offer three graduate credits to educators completing the AIM Pathways IDA-accredited Pathways to Proficient Reading course. The course offers comprehensive tools and support to teachers learning about the research-based methods needed to successfully teach children to read.

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AIM's partnership with the Haskins Global Literacy Hub was the first education partnership for the organization of neuroscience researchers. AIM established its IGNITE Center EEG lab in its lab school in early 2019 and began working with Haskins Laboratories researchers on an in-school study examining Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools. Haskins researchers will share early results of the study at the IDA Conference in Portland.

In late October, the International Dyslexia Association's Examiner published an article written by Haskins Laboratories researchers and AIM educators describing the potential of research partnerships in greater detail. Read more here.

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Map of Haskins Global Hub Researchers

AIM Academy and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research in collaboration with Yale University’s Haskins Laboratories have announced that they will become the first educational partner of the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub to improve language and literacy outcomes for children at risk of reading difficulties across languages and cultures.

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Leading Reading Researchers Discuss Reading Proficiency In High-Risk Populations at AIM Institute’s Research to Practice Symposium on March 12

More than 650 educators will learn from nationally-recognized reading researchers on Monday, March 12th when the AIM Institute for Learning & Research, the internationally-recognized professional development and research arm of AIM Academy, a grade 1-12 for children with language-based learning differences, hosts its 6th Annual Research to Practice Symposium.

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