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Video Postcards from the Cutting Edge: A Road trip of Assistive Tech for LD Students
Jamie Martin

In this preview of his Access to the Experts presentation, Jamie Martin discusses the availability and importance of assistive technology for students with learning differences with AIM Academy student Alysse C. '20.

Jamie Martin is an assistive technology consultant, specializing in finding AT solutions for students and adults with dyslexia. During his many years in education, he was an Orton-Gillingham language tutor before getting immersed in the world of assistive technology. Martin now works one-to-one with students and adults, trains teachers, and writes articles on assistive technology and dyslexia. He regularly gives presentations at educational conferences, including ATIA (Assistive Technology Industry Association) and IDA (International Dyslexia Association). He is also an expert for Understood.organd is on the advisory board for the children’s website, Dyslexiaville.

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