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Learn from the experts with AIM's Teachable Moments Videos. These brief conversations with experts in the field of literacy, neuroscience, language and education are intended to address commonly asked questions, preview or review critical information or create further interest in topics related to student achievement.

Produced during experts' visits to AIM these conversations feature AIM faculty and students as interviewers. Click links below for videos, descriptions of the Access to the Experts presentation and occasional handouts.

Judi Dodson

The Arc of Vocabulary - Oral Language Links to Reading Comprehension

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Dr. Fumiko Hoeft

Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Resilience in Children with Dyslexia

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Jamie Martin

Postcards rom the Cutting Edge: A Road Trip of Assistive Technology for LD Students

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Dr. Louisa Moats

Wanted: Teachers with Knowledge of Language and Literacy

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Dr. Timothy N. Odegard

It's Never Too Late: Remediating Reading Deficits in Older Students

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Dr. Louise Spear-Swerling

Differences That Matter: Common Profiles of Reading Difficulty and their Value for Educators

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Dr. Gary Troia - Part I

Supporting Struggling Students in Disciplinary Writing - Latest Trends in Writing Research

Dr. Gary Troia - Part II

Supporting Struggling Students in Disciplinary Writing - Comprehensive Evidence-Based Writing Program

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