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Hollis Scarborough's Reading Rope

In 2019, Dr. Hollis Scarborough was the inaugural recipient of AIM's Hollis Scarborough Award, which honors a researcher whose work has been instrumental in literacy and inspired others. Her presentation, A Case History of a Twisty Metaphor, is a must see video for anyone who cares about structured literacy.

Please enjoy it and share with others.

The Reading League Compass resource tool also includes an interview with Dr. Scarborough and this accompanying PDF, The Reading Rope: Key Ideas Behind the Metaphor.

Want to Learn More?

When AIM created our first AIM Pathways online professional learning course, we knew that Dr. Scarborough's Reading Rope would be a central piece of instruction. With her input, we created the Animated Reading Rope, a video description detailing the pieces of each strand of the rope that leads to skilled reading.

Enjoy the first portion of the video here and learn more about AIM Pathways course options.