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The Animated Reading Rope

Dr. Hollis Scarborough’s Reading Rope provides a powerful illustration of the multiple strands of proficient reading and is central to AIM's Integrated Literacy Model. The rope model unravels the critical skills of word recognition and language comprehension. It directly informs our understanding of why some students succeed and some struggle and provides necessary direction for effective instruction. When we created lessons for the Pathways to Proficient Reading course in our new AIM Pathways™ digital training platform, we included the Reading Rope of course, but brought the diagram to life with input from Reading Rope creator Dr. Hollis Scarborough herself.

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The complete Reading Rope video is one of hundreds of learning tools that are included in AIM Pathways first 17-section online course, Pathways to Proficient Reading, which has received accreditation from the International Dyslexia Association for its alignment to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

Due to the overwhelming response from people interested in our learning tools and AIM Pathways we have scheduled webinar opportunities for you to learn more about the Pathways to Proficient Reading course and see a demonstration of the AIM Pathways digital platform.

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The AIM Pathways training is a must for anyone working with developing readers.  The platform uses a variety of modalities to engage with the content which helps ensure retention of the material.  The student-teacher videos are truly unique; it's as though you're in the classroom observing a master teacher who is implementing the strategies you just learned.  I highly recommend the AIM Pathways training as a great first step toward investing in your student's literacy skills.

-Steve Brady, Assistant Principal, Inwood Academy for Leadership

AIM Pathways™

The AIM Institute for Learning & Research® has taken its successful stand-and-deliver courses and the AIM Academy Integrated Literacy Model to create a new dynamic digital training platform called AIM PATHWAYS.

AIM Pathways is:

  • Accredited by the International Dyslexia Association as a teacher training program aligned to the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS).
  • A scalable, affordable solution for schools where the implementation goal is to create internal coaches and school-based literacy leaders trained to support the science of reading.
  • A unique tool post training for teachers' onsite coaching and grade-level teacher meetings.
  • An important program to onboard new teachers and to sustain the school’s investment in developing a cohesive, comprehensive literacy program through all grades.
  • An opportunity to enhance teacher knowledge (both pre-service and in-service educators).
  • Accessible to teachers via a variety of devices (iPads and mobile phones) to use as a tool when working with children.

The Digital Platform Courses Feature:

  • Built-in student simulations
  • Applied practice activities
  • Personalized learning paths for teachers based on their knowledge and skills.
  • Videos from experts and of classroom best practices
  • Case studies of students

“This goal to reach all struggling readers and to educate teachers requires training that is affordable, scalable and research driven,” said Pat Roberts, AIM Executive Director. “Awareness has been raised about the importance of teaching the science of reading thanks in large part to parent groups like Decoding Dyslexia and organizations such as the IDA.”

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