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Pathways to Practice

AIM created and shared these resources at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic in 2020 to assist educators and parents in providing evidence-based literacy instruction to children while schools were closed. The information shared here includes components in our Pathways to Proficient Reading platform to provide high-quality professional development and resources to parents and educators.

The Pathways to Practice series are designed to improve evidence-based practice in the classroom and for parents teaching children at home. Participants will have access to the current research through exploring videos and exemplars for each strand of Dr. Hollis Scarborough's Reading Rope. Participants will learn the “Why” behind the science as well as “What to Teach” based upon each specific concept. Lastly, and most importantly, educators will learn  “How to Teach It” in their classrooms based upon the research. This last step is the most critical step as it enables teachers and parents to apply the science through everyday classroom practices.

Please introduce yourself and let us know where you learned about Pathways to Practice.

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