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Literacy Webinars

Scaffolding Older Readers Toward Proficiency

On January 24, education leader, incredible literacy speaker and AIM Institute integrated literacy facilitator Dr. Mitchell Brookins shared a presentation about the ways secondary educators can support literacy instruction for older learners. This webinar provided participants with an engaging experience that illustrates effective instructional approaches to support students’ knowledge acquisition by attending to fluency, academic vocabulary, syntax, and text organization in the Tier 1 classroom!

Scaffolding Older Readers Toward Proficiency

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Past Webinar Recordings

Researcher Dr. Elsa Cárdenas-Hagan whose work and instruction is featured in AIM's new Specialized Reading Knowledge course for English Learners joined us for a webinar on November 16. Access the recording to learn more about supporting English learners in your classroom and school.

Language and Literacy Foundations for English Learners

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Your Literacy Development Questions Answered

Working to introduce structured literacy into your classroom? Early literacy researchers Dr. Linnea Ehri and Dr. Katie Pace Miles joined AIM to answer your questions about literacy development and instruction.

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I See Me in What I Read: Utilizing Diverse Books to Support Comprehension Skills

Dr. Lakeisha Johnson, Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Science & Disorders at Florida State University and creator of Maya's Book Nook, led a pre-Research to Practice Symposium webinar on reading comprehension sharing how using diverse books in classrooms can support student comprehension skills.

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Science of Reading Competencies: Learning and Earning with AIM Institute

Donna Hejtmanek, creator of the Science of Reading - What I Should Have Learned in College Facebook Group and co-founder of Credentials Unlimited led a FREE webinar about micro-credentials for structured literacy training.

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Taking Action On Literacy Training - How NAEP Results Must Drive Change

CUNY Professor Dr. Katie Pace Miles led a FREE webinar discussion about how educators and education leaders can take action to implement structured literacy instruction to combat low NAEP reading scores and pandemic learning loss.

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Interpreting Assessment Data for Targeted Instruction

AIM content developers and AIM Pathways facilitators Dr. Megan Gierka and Nicole Kingsland led a FREE webinar to learn ways you can use assessment data to support targeted literacy instruction in your school or classroom. Participants will also receive AIM's Quick Guide to Reading Assessment, a popular AIM Pathways course resource to use in the classroom with students.

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