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Establishing a Culture of Literacy

We introduced AIM Pathways partner Ernesto Ortiz, principal of McDonald Elementary School in Centennial School District, to literacy researcher Julie Washington Ph.D. Enjoy their conversation about his mindset shift toward creating a culture of literacy in his school.

I think people have a fixed mindset that it's the classroom teacher's job or responsibility to teach literacy. The gym teacher can do it. The art teacher can do it. The music teacher can do it...anyone can do it...Families can do it...We're all literacy teachers for our boys and girls. 

-Ernesto Ortiz, Principal, McDonald Elementary School, Centennial School District

The whole paradigm shift, mindset change, instead of just teaching reading you're creating a culture of literacy in your building. Because a lot of times people talk about reading instruction and literacy like it ends at 3rd grade, but you're talking about it all the way up and that's going to change the way people think about it.

-Dr. Julie Washington, Georgia State University

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Research shows that traditional stand and deliver workshops are ineffective at changing instructional practices. Teachers find it difficult to translate theoretical models into classroom practice. For that reason, AIM PATHWAYSonline training courses are designed to follow a Learn, Practice and Apply cycle. 

The fully digital Pathways to Literacy Leadership and Pathways to Proficient Reading course on AIM Pathways are aligned to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

We have scheduled webinar opportunities for you to learn more about the Pathways to Proficient Reading course, see a demonstration of the AIM Pathways digital platform and learn how you can foster a culture of literacy in your school or register for an upcoming course.

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