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AIM Institute for Learning & Research

2019 On Demand Symposium Recordings


AIM Institute's 7th Annual Research to Practice Symposium

Reading, Math and the Brain
Connecting the Research & Practices That Work

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Guest Expert Moderator: Daniel B. Berch, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Special Education, Educational Psychology, and Developmental Science; University of Virginia

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Guinevere Eden, D.Phil.
Brain Imaging Studies of Reading and Dyslexia

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Douglas Fuchs, Ph.D. and Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D.
Is There A Role for Cognitive Processes in Interventions for Students At-Risk Students with Learning Disabilities?

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Hollis Scarborough Award Presentation

Opening Remarks: Dr. Ken Pugh

Remarks: Dr. Hollis Scarborough

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Fireside Chat: Translating Research to Practice: Obstacles & Opportunities

Nancy Hennessy, M.Ed. and Ron Fairchild, M.Ed., senior consultant for the National Campaign for Grade-Level Reading.

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Nancy C. Jordan, Ed.D.
Comorbidity of Mathematics and Reading Difficulties: Connections Between Reading Fluency and Calculation Fluency

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Closing Remarks: Pat Roberts & Nancy Blair

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