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Research to Practice Symposium

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Why Research to Practice?

"Bridging the gap between research and practice is critical as we strive to provide every child with effective opportunities to benefit from our instruction. For us to close this formidable fissure between what appears in the scientific literature and the daily practices employed in classrooms, researchers and practitioners need opportunities to come together as equals and exchange knowledge and experiences in a way that promotes improved and efficacious approaches to instruction. The AIM Research Symposium is such an opportunity to do just this."

- Donald L. Compton, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Education, Florida Center for Reading Research


2023 Symposium Recordings

Why is Reading Comprehension so Difficult to Comprehend?

Our 11th annual Research to Practice Symposium examined the complexity of reading comprehension and provided educators insights for classroom practice.

Nancy Hennessy, whose book, The Reading Comprehension Blueprint: Helping Students Make Meaning from Text, provides readers with a deeper understanding of reading comprehension and recommendations for developing evidence-based instruction, moderated this day of free literacy learning.

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