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AIM-Related Research

Haskins Laboratories (formally affiliated with Yale University and University of Connecticut)- Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools with AIM IGNITE Center.

Middle State Tennessee University

  • Randomized Controlled Study of AIM Pathways and AIM Pathways to Proficient Reading Course with Tennessee teachers (Summer 2019)
  • AIM Vocabulary Study (2016 - Present)

Variable Vowel Collaborative (2016 - Present) a partnership between the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR), Haskins Laboratories and the University of Connecticut. AIM was the first school participant in this research

Florida Center for Reading Research - AIM Knowledge and Passage Comprehension Project (2015-2016)

Georgia State University - AIM Works (2018)

Graph of fluency improvement rates

As the Philadelphia area’s only reading research organization connected to a school for children with learning differences, we wanted to confirm what we’ve always believed: AIM Academy students were improving their reading through our Integrated Literacy Model of instruction. After close analysis, we were thrilled to know that the majority of our students are exceeding national fluency norms for average rate of improvement. Not just compared to their peers with learning differences, because there are no national fluency norms for children who learn differently, but for ALL children. 

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