AIM Institute for Learning & Research


The goal of the I.G.N.I.T.E. Center at AIM (Implementing Global Neuroscience in Technology and Education) is to:

  • help accelerate learning through deeper understanding of what works for whom by engaging teachers and students in applied research
  • provide AIM Upper School students with the opportunity to be involved directly in this research as IGNITE Center Student Research Fellows work side-by-side with top researchers around the world.
EEG Training in IGNITE Center

As the first education partner with the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub, AIM works with researchers to take on the challenge of accelerating learning for all children. Our first I.G.N.I.T.E. Center study with Haskins Laboratories researchers, titled Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools, was approved in late 2018 and got underway in January 2019 with study participants in all program levels of AIM Academy and Upper School students meeting researchers and exploring opportunities to become research fellows on this and future IGNITE Center projects.


Map of Haskins Global Hub Researchers

Haskins Laboratories, a Yale-affiliated research institute based in New Haven, Conn., has launched a new collaboration in its efforts to improve language and literacy outcomes for children at risk for reading difficulties worldwide. Haskins has identified AIM Academy, a grade 1-12 school for children with language-based learning disabilities, and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research, as its first education partner. Through the collaboration with AIM, Haskins will work with educational researchers, service providers, and academic leaders to translate the growing body of research in the science of reading and language into early identification of and best practices in treating language-based reading problems.