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Wilson® Professional Learning Details


Time: 8:30 am – 3 pm (16.5 CEU hours)

This 3-day course provides an introduction to the Wilson Reading System and is a prerequisite WRS Level I Certification. 

Cost is $650 per person. Materials are not included. We suggest that you purchase and bring to class the WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6), 4th Edition.

1 Graduate credit offered by Fitchburg State University (FSU), located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts (requires registration with FSU)

$50 discount if registering at least three weeks prior to first professional learning date. Cannot be combined with other discounts.


The WRS Level I Certification prepares teachers to effectively implement WRS Steps 1-6 (there are 12 Steps in all) with students reading and spelling below grade level and those diagnosed with a language-based learning disability. Participants will demonstrate mastery of the Wilson lesson plan, including multisensory techniques and effective strategies in a 1:1 setting. WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6), 4th Edition is required.

Pre-requisite for WRS Level I Certification Training:
WRS Introductory Course (completed within the last five years)

Bachelor's Degree in Education or Related Field. 

Cost is $2,300 per person (3% surcharge if paid by credit card). Materials are not included. Purchase and bring to class the required WRS Introductory Set (Steps 1-6), 4th Edition. Click here to purchase. 


This advanced coursework provides in-depth strategies to implement multisensory structured language instruction successfully in group settings and advanced levels of decoding and encoding.

There are 2 separate tracks of the WRS Level II certification which include an in-person workshop, an online course through Wilson Language Training and two practicums. (All 4 parts must be completed to earn a WRS Level II Certification)


Pre-requisite for WRS Level II Certification Course:
WRS Level I Certification and a Bachelor’s Degree in education or a related field


Group Mastery (WRS Steps 1-6)
  • WRS Advanced Strategies for Multisensory Structured Language Course (3-day, in-person course--prerequisite for the WRS Group Mastery Practicum)

Time: 8:30am to 3:00pm (15 CEU hours)
This course provides strategies to improve all aspects of WRS group instruction through hands-on practice and discussion, and prepares participants for the WRS Group Mastery Practicum. Cost is $675 per person.


  • WRS Group Mastery Practicum through AIM Academy (WRS 4th edition materials required)

Course Duration: 50 practicum lessons (typically completed in one school year)
Cost is $850 per person. Please download and complete the registration form and email to


Advanced Word Study (WRS Step 7-12) - Please contact AIM Academy for details
  • WRS Step 7-12 Online Course - must be signed up simultaneously with the Practicum (register directly through Wilson Language Training for the online course only - separate cost).
  • WRS Step 7-12 Practicum through AIM Academy (WRS 3rd edition materials will be used for the 2018-2019 school year. Participant must have an eligible student in the fall who has completed Steps 1-6 3rd Edition or 4th Edition).

Course Duration: 50 practicum lessons (typically completed in one school year)
Cost is $850 per person. Please download and complete the registration form and email to

Read the course descriptions from Wilson Language Training®.