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Fundations® Workshops at AIM

We are excited to once again offer Fundations® workshops at AIM. Fundations®  is a supplemental, research-based program designed to reduce reading and spelling failure for students in kindergarten through third grade. It is used as a ‘prevention’ program in general education classrooms (Tier 1) to give all students a strong foundation. Perfect for a professional development training whether you are teaching in person or remotely. Fundations® teachers also have FREE access to Wilson's new FUN HUB resources (read more below).

Fundations® puts the fun’ in the critically important foundational skills needed for life-long literacy. Based on the principles of the Wilson Reading System®, it provides daily, explicit, and systematic instruction in the essential areas needed for proficient reading and spelling, including: phonological awareness, phonics, word and syllable study, vocabulary, sight word instruction, fluency, and spelling and sentence writing practice.


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Fundations Level 1 Workshop - This workshop provides the background knowledge, guidance, and practice needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations® Level 1 curriculum in a Tier 1 setting (Grade 1).

Course Price $295

October 19, 2021


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Fundations Level 2 Workshop This workshop provides the background knowledge, guidance, and practice needed to effectively begin teaching the Fundations® Level 2 curriculum in a Tier 1 setting (Grade 2).

Course Price $295

October 18, 2021


Learn More About this Virtual Wilson Course


Fundations® Virtual Resource Hub

Fundations FUN HUB Header

The FUN HUB is an easy way for Fundations-trained teachers to share digital resources through their existing learning management systems, such as Google® Classroom. These resources include:

  • Teacher guidance on remote learning, including assessment, pacing, learning loss, remote lesson planning, and activity ideas;
  • Tools such as the new Fundations® InterActivities app to help teachers deliver lessons remotely;Guidance and support for families, including video tutorials on how to support Fundations students at home;
  • Video demonstrations delivered by Wilson Literacy Specialists that introduce new concepts to students;
  • Video instruction for targeted/small-group support; and
  • Additional print-based practice packets.

“As schools and districts plan and prepare a range of teaching and learning models for the upcoming and still unpredictable school year, we wanted to make it easy for Fundations teachers to access and share with their students engaging and valuable digital resources aligned with the program,” said Wilson President and Co-founder Barbara Wilson. “Our team is hard at work creating tools and resources that will allow teachers to flexibly provide an effective, ongoing learning environment throughout the school year, whether instruction occurs remotely or in-person, is blended, or shifts during the year, which is critical for students.”