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NEW! Pathways to Structured Literacy


Our NEW online Pathways to Structured Literacy: The Orton-Gillingham Approach course is perfect for educators who have completed the Pathways to Proficient Reading course and are interested in furthering their knowledge and skills in the science of reading with a course based on Orton-Gillingham instruction.

Entire Course is Taken Online


Completion of Pathways to Proficient Reading Is Required Before Enrolling in this Course

Pathway to Structured Literacy Course:

  • Continues to strengthen educators’ knowledge and understanding of the science of reading by providing multiple opportunities to apply this knowledge to classroom instruction.
  • The content of the course is Orton-Gillingham based and includes the option to complete the online course work, virtual-community-of-practice sessions, and a practicum.
  • Participants who complete the practicum will be eligible to sit for the KPEERI exam which can lead to certification as a Certified Structured Literacy Teacher.
  • Includes 9-Sections (See Detailed Syllabus)
  • 4 Synchronous Virtual Community of Practice Sessions with an AIM facilitator
  • Pacing Guide/Schedule for Course Work
  • Aligned to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading (KPS)

Cost: $385 for the Course. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Pathways to Proficient Reading

Pathways to Structured Literacy and Orton-Gillingham Practicum

In addition to the full online Pathways to Structured Literacy Course, individuals enrolling in the course and Teaching Level Orton-Gillingham Practicum receive:

  • 25 hours of coursework (virtual and in-person)
  • Required readings with written summaries
  • 60 supervised contact hours with student(s) and submission of lesson plans, student profile(s), and other required documentation
  • 5 observational feedback meetings
  • 10 virtual implementation meetings
  • Comprehensive exam

Cost: $1885 for the Course and Practicum. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Pathways to Proficient Reading.   

September 15th 2020 - Register for Course

 September 15th 2020 - Register for Course and practicum 


Continuing Education Credits Available