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Steps to Literacy Micro-Credentials

AIM's Steps to Literacy module bundles provide more comprehensive, but still fully asynchronous literacy instruction compared to our individual bundles. Each bundle also includes the opportunity to receive a micro-credential for the course work from Credentials Unlimited upon successful completion of the course (performing higher than 80% on module post-knowledge inventories).

Learn more about this micro-credential opportunity below.

Steps to Literacy Bundles with Micro-credentials

Steps to Literacy Foundational Skills I 

  • Overview of the Science of Reading
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Decoding & Spelling

Hours: 20.5

Cost: $299 includes Credentials Unlimited micro-credential opportunity


Steps to Literacy Foundational Skills II

  • Vocabulary
  • Language Comprehension & Written Expression

Hours: 15

Cost: $299 includes Credentials Unlimited micro-credential opportunity


What are Micro-credentials?

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In order to provide individuals with multiple opportunities to develop mastery in the science of reading, AIM is partnering with Credentials Unlimited to offer an extra level of certification to individuals exploring our Steps to Literacy modules instruction.

Credentials Unlimited's mission is to provide cost effective micro-credentials for teachers and administrators that are focused on the Science of reading and Structured Literacy

Why a Micro-credential?

Develop competencies in discrete educational skills and, in turN:
  • Strengthen your resume

  • Improve your LinkedIn profile

  • May qualify for salary or benefit opportunities (based on district or state guidelines)

How to Obtain a Micro-credential?

Enroll in the AIM Pathways Steps to Literacy Bundle or Module and:
  • Successfully complete the asynchronous coursework
  • Complete the Post-Knowledge Inventory for each module with a score of 80% or higher
  • Success! Complete request for Module