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William Van Cleave - From Words to Works



From Words to Works: Developing Writing Skills in Students of All Stages

Friday, November 2, 2018
8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. ET (6 CEU Hours)
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In this hands-on, interactive workshop, Van Cleave will first guide participants through the research regarding cognitive demands of the writing process. He will then focus on parts of speech and sentence parts as they apply to the act of writing. Participants will learn about the components of a good lesson and strategies for developing sentence sense in student writers. They will examine parts of speech as a method of understanding the way words interact with each other and sentence parts as building blocks for creating different kinds of sentences. Participants in this workshop will then learn a structured, sequential approach to teaching the basic and expanded paragraph, including idea generation, categorization, and writing topic, supporting, and concluding sentences as well as transitions. They will work with gradual release instruction and teacher modeling of the writing process. At all levels, they will practice with the elements introduced and model the strategies suggested.



$125 per session; $300 for Series

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The in-person session will be held at:
AIM Academy, located at 1200 River Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428.


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Expert Speaker: William Van Cleave is in private practice as an educational consultant whose specialties include morphology and written expression. An internationally recognized speaker with an interactive, hands-on presentation style, William has presented on effective teaching practices at conferences and schools both in the United States and abroad since 1995. Recent projects include consulting with three schools as part of a literacy grant in Montana; participating on the MTSS Writing Standards Committee for the State of Pennsylvania; implementing several Trainer of Trainers projects using his sentence structure approach; and writing a series of workbooks and a companion book on developing composition skills to complement his sentence approach. The author of three books, including Writing Mattersand Everything You Want To Know & Exactly Where to Find It, as well as a number of educational tools and activities, William has served as a classroom teacher, tutor, and administrator in the private school arena at various points in his career.