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Early Literacy Trifecta Webinar


The Early Literacy Trifecta: Language, Print and Executive Function in African American Students

Dr. Julie Washington

In this AIM Access to the Experts community webinar from March 2020, Dr. Julie Washington discusses the many skills that must come together in early childhood to support development of strong early literacy skills. Oral language, print, and executive function will be discussed as they relate to African American children growing up in poverty; a population that often struggles with each skill separately. Success in the classroom and beyond can depend upon strengths, or weaknesses, in any one of these areas. This session discusses both research and practice related to the trifecta.

Webinar Handout

First page of the PDF file: Washington_Handout_AIM2020

Handout for Julie Washington's March 11 Webinar on The Early Literacy Trifecta. Click image to access PDF document.