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Nancy Young: Climbing the Ladder of Reading


Climbing The Ladder Of Reading: Meeting The Needs Of Children Who Climb Slowly AND Those Who Leap.  

Nancy Young, BA, B.Ed, M.Ed

Using her globally recognized Ladder of Reading infographic, Nancy will address the wide range of ease as children learn to read and the instructional implications for educators. She’ll briefly summarize the components underlying skilled reading/spelling/writing and delve into the relevance of such instruction for children who struggle to learn to read as well as those who are advanced. Addressed will be both overlapping commonalities that can be taught during whole class instruction and the need for differentiation to ensure all students have opportunities to grow at every stage of the journey. Using the English language as an example, attendees will explore some of the many opportunities for enrichment inherent in learning about language structure. Of special focus will be the particular needs of certain students in order to maximize their potential, such as those with environmental and/or genetic challenges including dyslexia, low SES, gifted, and ADHD – recognizing that some children may have two or more co-occurring issues. Woven into the session will be multisensory strategies, including the use of movement to enhance code-based instruction.

Monday, April 19th, 2021 

Access to the live workshop is now closed.

On-demand access to the workshop will be accessible to registrants for 6 months.



Nancy Young, BA, B.Ed, M.Ed

Education Consultant

Nancy Young is a Canadian educational consultant providing professional development and customized support for educators and families across Canada and globally. Her specialty areas include dyslexia, giftedness, and ADHD. Nancy is the author of Secret Code Actions™, a unique resource created to enhance any reading and spelling program by providing ways to bring movement into code-based instruction/practice. Nancy is also the creator of the Ladder of Reading, a globally recognized infographic helping educators and parents better understand the wide range of ease as children learn to read and the instructional implications. Nancy’s website is

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