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Access to the Experts Series

AIM Institute is committed to building the knowledge base of both professionals and parents in the most recent advances in cognitive science, teaching methodologies, and best practices in literacy for students with learning challenges.

Our Access to the Experts Professional Development and Community Speaker Series events ensure that parents, teachers, administrators of educational institutions, and faculty at colleges and universities who educate future teachers have full access to the most recent advances in cognitive science and teaching methodologies.

We believe that our focus in areas of continuing translational research and access to top researchers, as well as, our work with educators to convert this research to practice will make a true difference in educational outcomes for students.


Many of our Access to the Experts Speakers spent time during their visits to AIM being interviewed for a Teachable Moments video conversing with faculty and student interviewers.

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Past Access to the Experts Speakers have included:

Dr. Malt Joshi - Spelling: What Research Says and How It's Taught

Barbara Wilson - Phonology, Morphology, Orthography – The Basis for Reading & Writing Success

Dr. Jennifer Jackson Holden - Anxiety & Adolescents

Dr. Devin Kearns - Building the Content-Area Literacy Skills of Students with Reading Difficulty

William van Cleave - From Words to Works: Developing Writing Skills in Students of All Stages

Marilyn Zecher - Multisensory Math

Dr. Gary Troia - Supporting Struggling Students in Disciplinary Writing

Dr. Jeffrey Black - Orthographic Processing: A Subcomponent or Subtype of Dyslexia

Dr. Louise Spear-Swerling - Differences That Matter: Common Profiles of Reading Difficulty
and their Value for Educators

Dr. Julie Washington - The Early Learning Trifecta: Language Print and Executive Function in African American Students. 

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