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AIM Institute for Learning & Research

Professional Training

From evidence-based training using Scarborough's Reading Rope to programs in other research-based methodologies, content in every professional development program the Institute offers aligns with current best practices and is based on the most up-to-date research.

The Institute's groundbreaking AIM PATHWAYS training platform offers multiple courses created by educators in collaboration with researchers to provide educators and education leaders with comprehensive literacy training and supportive coaching with expert facilitators to provide tools and support to implement structured literacy instruction in classroom practice. AIM's Pathways to Proficient Reading and Pathways to Structured Literacy courses are IDA-accredited and graduate credits for AIM Pathways courses are also available.

For educators looking for shorter professional learning options, our Steps to Literacy modules are fully asynchronous courses that contain tools and resources educators need to develop understanding in the foundational skills as well as gaining a deeper understanding of dyslexia.


We are thrilled for the program of activities that AIM Institute for Learning & Research is developing. They are true champions advocating for the students, families, educators and researchers, bringing research to practice and practice to research.

Dr. Fumiko Hoeft, University of Connecticut

Continuing Education Credits Available