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Over the past year, AIM has had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Julie Washington as AIM examined its work with an equity lens both in the curriculum we use with students in school at AIM Academy and in the content and coursework of AIM Pathways teacher training.

Dr. Washington, who is a member of AIM's Research Advisory Board, is a Professor in the School of Education at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) where she directs Learning Disabilities Research Innovation Hub and is Director of the Dialect, Poverty and Academic Success Lab.

"AIM Institute's collaboration with Dr. Washington has been invaluable," said Suruchi Keenheel, AIM's Director of Instructional Coaching and Training. "The expertise she shared with us and the rigor with which she reviewed key equity-focused elements helped us make meaningful revisions to AIM Pathways coursework. She provided important guidance about how to keep the wide-ranging experiences, strengths, and needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students front-and-center."

Listen to Dr. Washington speak about her work with AIM Institute and on AIM Pathways in this video.

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