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Part of AIM's mission is to provide educators with access to evidence-based literacy curriculum, technology and training. Our focus on research and the Science of Reading includes assessment and examination of our programs as well.

We are pleased to share this recent article,Testing the impact of online training in areas of reading instruction on educator knowledge, from researchers at Middle Tennessee State University's Center for Dyslexia which examined and researched educator knowledge in both in-person and online training using AIM's Pathways to Proficient Reading course.

“AIM Institute recognizes that investing in teacher knowledge leads to improved teacher practice," said AIM Institute Associate Director Dawn Brookhart. "We are honored to have the researchers from MTSU share the results of their study on the efficacy of AIM Pathways to increase educator knowledge in reading as a viable option for online teacher training.” 

The article, which was released on June 23, showed that online PD training elevated educators’ knowledge of aspects of the English language implicated in early grade reading and has the potential to provide a cost-effective and more scalable option for teacher training.

We look forward to continuing to improve our online course offerings through AIM Pathways as we continue to grow our partnerships with states, school districts. and individual teachers. 

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