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The image of Dr. Hollis Scarborough's Reading Rope is easy to find at AIM. It is featured in the Open House presentations we give to prospective families at AIM Academy, on the walls of our classrooms and is a key point of discussion in multiple professional development training workshops.

This year, at the AIM Institute's 7th annual Research to Practice Symposium on Monday, March 11, Dr. Scarborough will be presented with AIM's inaugural Hollis Scarborough Award.

In coming years this award will "recognize a researcher whose work on the science of reading acquisition and the source of reading difficulties, has deepened our understanding of the complexity of reading proficiency and has inspired others to pursue related research and connections to educational practice."

"I have heard so many people say that Hollis is the reason that they kept on going in research, that her work was the foundation for so much of what they have done," said AIM Institute Associate Director Nancy Blair.

The same is true at AIM.

"Her research and the Reading Rope guide everything we do here at AIM and is the framework we used to build our curriculum and integrated literacy model," AIM Institute Executive Director Pat Roberts explained.

Dr. Scarborough, who will be introduced by Dr. Ken Pugh of Haskins Laboratories, will give a speech and accept the award during the free symposium.

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