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The IDA conference provided us a fantastic opportunity to share the development of the AIM Institute for Learning & Research's digital teacher training platform AIM Pathways.

At our AIM exhibit table, Karen Keesey, AIM Institute's Director of Educational Outreach had the opportunity to show educators, researchers and others features of this new training platform that will revolutionize literacy instruction for teachers to benefit all children, not just those with language-based learning differences.

The first course that will be featured on this new platform, Pathways to Proficient Reading was developed directly from AIM's Integrated Literacy Model curriculum and is a cutting-edge presentation of the science of reading knowledge accompanied by practice activities and sample student profiles so teachers can better understand what approaches work best for which students..

We know that this methodology is working to improve reading from independent analysis by Georgia State University which analyzed AIM student literacy scores in Lower School and confirmed what AIM parents have always known, that AIM students make growth in literacy scores above what is expected by all students, with or without learning differences. Read more about the study here.

AIM Pathways is set for release in early 2019 and AIM Curriculum and Instructional Leaders will have immediate access to work on this highly interactive platform and access online resources that AIM teachers can use for immediate reference. The goal is to also make this platform available to teachers in local, national, and international schools.

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