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AIM's first research project as part of our partnership with the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub is underway. The Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools study examines the neurocognitive bases of individual responses to the well-established evidence-based interventions we deliver at AIM with our students with language-based learning difficulties (LBLDs).

Testing of our AIM student volunteer participants began last month with AIM researchers in conjunction with researchers at Haskins Laboratories (a formal affiliate of Yale University and the University of Connecticut). In December, Haskins researchers Dr. Trey Avery and Dr. Dan Kleinman spent a few days at AIM teaching EEG study techniques to AIM faculty and members of our tech department. During their visit, they also met with Upper School students interested in becoming IGNITE Center Student Research Fellows. Our AIM students spoke with Dr. Avery, Dr. Klineman as well as Haskins researchers Dr. Nicole Landi and Dr. Julie Van Dyke in Connecticut via video conference and were encouraged to share their thoughts on what they think and understand about their learning. "You're like our informants," Dr. Van Dyke explained to students. "That's what we really need in  science and that's what we don't always have access to."

We look forward to seeing how our student research fellows involve themselves in this new endeavor. This project is a perfect example of AIM's ongoing commitment to research-to-practice and finding ways to incorporate what scientists know about learning into our curriculum, into the classrooms and involving our students directly in the process.

If you would like more information on the Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools study, please contact Dr. Grace Ashton at   

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