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AIM Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Nancy Blair and Pat Roberts received the International Dyslexia Association's 2022 Excellence in Leadership Award at the conference in San Antiono. This award is given in recognition of their fearless leadership that created AIM. It also recognizes Nancy and Pat's significant contribution in reshaping both education for those with learning differences and teacher training on literacy through AIM Pathways.

Nancy and Pat met when their daughters, both of whom have dyslexia, were in 1st grade. Sixteen years ago they opened AIM with a commitment to providing research-to-practice instruction and teacher training to support all struggling readers. We hope you enjoy watching their remarks sharing the important information they have learned and support they have received from literacy researchers on their journey. 

"We are beyond honored to receive this recognition from the IDA,” said Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair. “Our journey, which began as two mothers searching for the best learning opportunities for our daughters with dyslexia, has been transformed through our creation of AIM and our partnership with researchers and groups like IDA to empower and change lives through literacy."

The Excellence in Leadership Award, which includes California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Sir Richard Branson as past recipients, was created by the IDA in 2013 to honor an individual who “through their profession, tirelessly aims to improve the lives of those with dyslexia” and is given in “recognition of excellence in service to individuals with dyslexia, their families, and the greater community.”

“A lot of people have dreams. Very few can make their dreams reality. Even fewer individuals dream about changing the lives of others," said AIM Trustee Al Chiaradonna. "Pat and Nancy are rare. Sixteen years ago, they dreamed about changing the lives of those with learning differences. Today they are touching millions. As a parent and a board member, thank you! Your passion for children with learning differences coupled with your fearlessness has changed the lives of many.  Congrats on this well-deserved honor.”

Pat and Nancy’s commitment to transforming and empowering lives through literacy is focused on evidenced-based instruction, fostering community and corporate partnerships, and identifying innovative methods to support learners who are prepared for the future. These core values have driven their leadership and vision over the past 16 years.

Click Image Above to Watch Pat and Nancy's Excellence in Leadership Award Remarks

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AIM Co-Founders Receive IDA's Excellence in Leadership Award

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