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The AIM Institute for Learning & Research is pleased to announce an agreement with Arcadia University’s School of Education to offer three graduate credits to educators completing the AIM Pathways IDA-accredited Pathways to Proficient Reading course. The course offers comprehensive tools and support to teachers learning about the research-based methods needed to successfully teach children to read.

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AIM's partnership with the Haskins Global Literacy Hub was the first education partnership for the organization of neuroscience researchers. AIM established its IGNITE Center EEG lab in its lab school in early 2019 and began working with Haskins Laboratories researchers on an in-school study examining Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools. Haskins researchers will share early results of the study at the IDA Conference in Portland.

In late October, the International Dyslexia Association's Examiner published an article written by Haskins Laboratories researchers and AIM educators describing the potential of research partnerships in greater detail. Read more here.

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The AIM Institute for Learning & Research® – in conjunction with Haskins Laboratories – will host the 2019 IGNITE Center Summer Institute at AIM this summer. This one-of-a-kind event features three days of engaging sessions led by renowned researchers in the fields of neuroscience, technology, and literacy followed by participant sessions designed to translate the research into practical applications for the classroom.

This one-of-a kind Summer Institute features time spent working side-by-side with top experts in the field of Neuroscience, Technology and Literacy today. Join us to Reimagine the Future of Education.

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Honoring Dr. Hollis Scarborough at AIM Research Symposium

This year, at the AIM Institute's 7th annual Research to Practice Symposium on Monday, March 11, Dr. Hollis Scarborough will be presented with AIM's inaugural Hollis Scarborough Award recognizing a researcher whose work on the science of reading acquisition has deepened our understanding of the complexity of reading proficiency and has inspired others to pursue related research.

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AIM IGNITE Center Kicks Off Research with Haskins Laboratories

AIM's first research project as part of our partnership with the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub is underway. The Predicting Literacy Outcomes in Schools study examines the neurocognitive bases of individual responses to the well-established evidence-based interventions we deliver at AIM with our students with language-based learning difficulties (LBLDs).

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Book Donations to Cornerstone Christian

This week, Suruchi Keenheel, Director of Instructional Coaching and Training at the AIM Institute for Learning & Research, delivered hundreds of books collected by AIM Academy to students at Cornerstone Christian Academy in southwest Philadelphia.

Cornerstone Christian is one of AIM’s new education partners with ten K-5th grade teachers at the school working with AIM Institute to learn about and implement literacy instruction using AIM’s Integrated Literacy Model.

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Pathways Demo

The IDA conference provided us a fantastic opportunity to share the development of the AIM Institute for Learning & Research's digital teacher training platform AIM Pathways.

At our AIM exhibit table, Karen Keesey, AIM Institute's Director of Educational Outreach had the opportunity to show educators, researchers and others features of this new training platform that will revolutionize literacy instruction for teachers to benefit all children, not just those with language-based learning differences.

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Graph of fluency improvement rates

As the Philadelphia area’s only reading research organization connected to a school for children with learning differences, we wanted to confirm what we’ve always believed: AIM Academy students were improving their reading through our Integrated Literacy Model of instruction. After close analysis, we were thrilled to know that the majority of our students are exceeding national fluency norms for average rate of improvement. Not just compared to their peers with learning differences, because there are no national fluency norms for children who learn differently, but for ALL children. 

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