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AIM Founders Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair

AIM Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Nancy Blair and Pat Roberts received the International Dyslexia Association's 2022 Excellence in Leadership Award at the conference in San Antiono. This award is given in recognition of their fearless leadership that created AIM. It also recognizes Nancy and Pat's significant contribution in reshaping both education for those with learning differences and teacher training on literacy through AIM Pathways.

Nancy and Pat met when their daughters, both of whom have dyslexia, were in 1st grade. Sixteen years ago they opened AIM with a commitment to providing research-to-practice instruction and teacher training to support all struggling readers. We hope you enjoy watching their remarks sharing the important information they have learned and support they have received from literacy researchers on their journey. 

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AIM Founders Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair

On Friday, October 21, the International Dyslexia Association announced that AIM Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair are the recipients of the international organization’s 2022 Excellence in Leadership Award.

The Excellence in Leadership Award, which includes California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Sir Richard Branson as past recipients, was created by the IDA in 2013 to honor an individual who “through their profession, tirelessly aims to improve the lives of those with dyslexia” and is given in “recognition of excellence in service to individuals with dyslexia, their families, and the greater community.”

"We are beyond honored to receive this recognition from the IDA,” said Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair. “Our journey, which began as two mothers searching for the best learning opportunities for our daughters with dyslexia, has been transformed through our creation of AIM and our partnership with researchers and groups like IDA to empower and change lives through literacy."

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MS Department of Education

AIM Institute for Learning & Research is excited to announce a new partnership with the Mississippi Department of Education and the North Mississippi Education Consortium to provide 1,600 Mississippi teachers and education leaders with customized literacy training to help schools support a culture of literacy and provide teachers with tools, resources and support to implement new techniques into classroom practice.

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North Dakota Pathways Partnership

The AIM Institute for Learning & Research is excited to announce that it is partnering with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (NDDPI) and ND Regional Education Association (NDREA) to provide all North Dakota educators with access to professional development on the science of teaching reading to help all North Dakota students achieve proficiency in reading. The state's new NDSOR: Reaching All Learners course will include a custom collection of content from AIM Pathways literacy training courses.

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New AIM Institute Team Members Image

AIM Institute is excited to announce three additions to our rapidly growing team of individuals committed to transforming literacy training for educators and schools.

Stephanie Stephens recently joined AIM as Director of Client Professional Development and AIM will welcome Dr. Megan Gierka as Senior Content Developer and Facilitator and Ernesto Ortiz Jr. as Senior Literacy Engagement Specialist in the near future.

Learn more about these individuals who will help AIM meet the growing demand for evidence-based literacy training for both administrators and teachers.

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Haskins Lab Visit with Students

In 2018, AIM Academy became the first education partner in the Haskins Global Literacy Hub which seeks to improve literacy outcomes for at-risk children of all cultures and languages. This unique partnership featured the creation of an in-school EEG lab to support literacy research endeavors with AIM student volunteers. Last week, the Journal of Research in Reading published an article by Haskins Laboratories researchers and members of AIM’s team and Windward School about the promise of in-school partnerships for furthering neuroscience literacy research.

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AIM Pathways Logo

AIM is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a generous $75,000 grant from the van Beuren Charitable Foundation for program facilitation, enhancements and scholarships for Rhode Island educators participating in our AIM Pathways teacher training courses.

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PPR Tips Thumbnail

Nebraska principals, teacher leaders, and teachers in Kearney Public Schools participated in AIM Pathways courses this  through a partnership with the Nebraska Department of Education and the Nebraska Dyslexia Association. Enjoy these important tips for getting the most out of AIM Pathways training from participant, 3rd grade teacher Wendy Deyo.

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DEI Video Thumbnail Image

Over the past year, AIM has had the privilege of working closely with Dr. Julie Washington as AIM examined its work with an equity lens both in the curriculum we use with students in school at AIM Academy and in the content and coursework of AIM Pathways teacher training.

Listen to Dr. Washington speak about her work with AIM Institute and on AIM Pathways in this video.

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