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About AIM

The impetus for the launch of the AIM Institute for Learning & Research® in tandem with AIM Academy in 2006 was the belief that there was research available to help teachers better serve children who were struggling to learn to read. The challenge we saw was that this research was not getting into the classroom and therefore many children were not making progress in the foundational skills that support proficient reading, spelling and writing. AIM’s vision was to create a bridge between this research and classroom practice. The critical framework for the “bridge” was teacher training and coaching based on evidence-based best practices. The goal was to create a professional learning community hub where top researchers and practitioners could advance the field of education working side by side.

Today that vision has become a reality with the launch of the IGNITE Center at AIM. At the center, Implementing Global Neuroscience In Technology and Education (IGNITE), AIM partners with global researchers and invests in technology to bring evidence-based practices to scale. AIM’s partnership with the Haskins Global Literacy Hub is accelerating the rate of research to practice in AIM’s partner schools throughout the region and beyond. AIM’s innovative technology platform, AIM PATHWAYS, delivers highly interactive, comprehensive, evidence-based teacher training aligned to the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards and the published State Standards in Education.

The AIM Integrated Literacy Model supports the research by following the framework of one of the leading researchers in the research to practice movement, Dr. Hollis Scarborough. The Scarborough Reading Rope graphic is referenced by practitioners across the world because of its focus on the interwoven areas of Word Recognition and Language Comprehension as critical elements in supporting children to become skilled readers. AIM’s Integrated Literacy Model incorporates these elements into AIM Pathways courses for teachers.

As you become acquainted with the AIM Institute for Learning & Research via our website, we encourage you to visit the IGNITE Center, to tour our EEG Lab, learn about our Research Advisory Board, or register for one of our many teacher training sessions online or on campus. We hope to hear from you soon!

With warm regards,

Pat Roberts and Nancy Blair

AIM Co-Founders

Our Mission

The mission of AIM is to:

Develop a center for educational excellence and professional development to disseminate best practices to educators by providing access to the latest research-based curriculum, technology, and training.

Provide extraordinary educational opportunities to children with language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, utilizing research-based intervention strategies and an arts-based learning environment that is college preparatory in scope and sequence.