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Pathways to Proficient Reading - Hybrid Course

4-Day In-Person Training

August 12 - August 15
8:30 am - 4:00 pm
In-Person Only

Extended Learning with:

  • 1-Year AIM PATHWAYS™ Access
  • Virtual Community of Practice Sessions


$975- Extended Learning Pathways Hybrid (includes Pathways to Proficient Reading Course, 1 year of AIM Pathways Access, & Virtual Community of Practice)
30 CEU Credits Available


4-Day Pathways to Proficient Reading Course

The 4-Day Pathways to Proficient Reading Hybrid Course is designed for educators who are committed to learning about the connection between reading research and theoretical models and classroom practices and language and literacy instruction.

It offers four full days of training with AIM Institute trainers as well as the opportunity to extend learning and continue classroom and teaching integration with one-year access to AIM's new AIM PATHWAYS™ digital training platform and 8 Virtual Community of Practice support sessions.

This unique hybrid course, led by AIM faculty and staff, is a unique opportunity to gain knowledge about designing and delivering effective instructional practices that will benefit all students, including those at risk for or with language-based learning disabilities.

It is initial preparation for literacy instructors working toward their IDA certification through the KPERI examination.

PA ACT 48 Credits or Certificates of Attendance Offered (30 hours)

Extended Learning Opportunities:

AIM PATHWAYS™ (1-Year Access)

AIM PATHWAYS™ provides research-driven courses that can transform teaching with scalable training and interactive learning through case studies and classroom simulations.

What Will You Get with AIM PATHWAYS™?

  • A Robust Online Community of Informed Practitioners
  • AIM PATHWAYS™ Online Platform and Courses mapped to the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS)
  • unique tool accessible on iPads, mobile phones and computers for real-time usage in the classroom.
  • An opportunity to enhance teacher knowledge (both pre-service and in-service educators).


Virtual Communities of Practice

8-Month Virtual Community of Practice (VCoP) - To help educators expand on and use the AIM PATHWAYS™ platform in the classroom, the AIM Institute for Learning & Research offers a Virtual Community of Practice to help educators apply the skills learned through the Pathways to Proficient Reading Course and their ongoing use of theAIM PATHWAYS™ Platform.

The VCoP will convene each month (8 sessions total) using an online platform to discuss specific sections of the Pathways to Proficient Reading Program from oral language and theoretical models, and spelling to comprehension and literacy assessment.  All participants will be required to have access to computers and have high-speed Internet access.

The VCoP will help participants:

  • Deepen their knowledge related to the science of reading and for how to teach students based on the 5 pillars of reading instruction outlined in the National Reading Panel Report (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension) as well as the RAND Report on Reading Comprehension
  • Deepen their knowledge on how to translate the research into practice for coaching others to apply the content learned from the Pathways to Proficient Reading course
  • Develop relationships with members within their CoP cohort
  • Build a common language focused on the science of reading
  • Participate in developing their individualized professional learning plan outlining follow-up training and opportunities for continuing education
  • Increase preparedness for the KPS certification


Target Audience: This course is designed for educators who teach reading and/or are involved in decision-making regarding literacy instruction. It will benefit those who are committed to learning about connections between the science of reading and effective instructional practices and is designed to meet the needs of:

  • Novice teachers and practitioners interested in becoming more knowledgeable and skilled to increase expertise in the area of literacy.
  • Experienced teachers and practitioners, including administrators, literacy coaches, and curriculum or instructional leaders, interested in revisiting and expanding their knowledge base to become more expert.
  • Teachers and practitioners who are participating in varied professional learning opportunities to prepare for licensing and certification exams (e.g., K-PEERI Certification Exam).
  • School or Boards of Education Administrators examining the literacy programs used in their education institutions.


Very informative and I especially like when activities are incorporated that show us how to directly translate the skills to the classroom. - 2017 Pathways to Proficient Reading Participant