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AIM Pathways received a Reimagine Education Gold Award in the Science of Learning category at the December 2020 conference. We are honored that our evidence-based program has received this important recognition and look forward to sharing more results from our Pathways participants as they take the science of reading into classrooms and schools.


Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition
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Pre-registration with AIM Institute is required for all training. Details of our refund/cancellation policy can be found here.

Literacy Instruction Certificate


Take your AIM Pathways Graduate Credits to the Next Level

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Providing education students and teachers access to courses grounded in the science of reading is critical to improving reading outcomes for all students. The AIM Institute for Learning & Research is pleased to collaborate with Arcadia University to offer the opportunity to receive 3 Graduate Credits for successful completion of AIM Pathways courses including: the IDA-Accredited Pathways to Proficient Reading, Pathways to Literacy Leadership, Pathways to Proficient Writing, and Pathways to Structured Literacy.

In addition to completing AIM Pathways courses for credits, individuals who have completed three AIM Pathways courses can also complete Arcadia's Literacy Instruction Certificate, a 15-credit online program with all courses part of programs accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

This online certificate program includes:

s taught through the AIM Institute for Learning and Research, and transcripted for credit through Arcadia (3 credits each); and two, 3-credit, online courses from the Graduate Reading Program, for a 5-course Graduate Certificate in Literacy. 

  • ED563: Seminar in Reading (3 credits)

  • ED608: Literature for Children and Youth (3 credits)

  • ED623: Multilingual/Multicultural Assessment (3 credits)

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