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AIM Pathways received a Reimagine Education Gold Award in the Science of Learning category at the December 2020 conference. We are honored that our evidence-based program has received this important recognition and look forward to sharing more results from our Pathways participants as they take the science of reading into classrooms and schools.


Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition
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Higher Education Partnerships

Explore AIM Pathways IDA-Accredited Courses for your Structured Literacy Needs

Institutions of Higher Education looking to incorporate structured literacy instruction and evidence-based science of reading instruction into teacher education programs have a variety of opportunities use AIM's evidence-based, teacher training content to support pre-service educators.

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  • Comprehensive Online Training Course Registration - Provide university credit for successful completion of full AIM Pathways courses.
    • IDA-Accredited

    • Features Real Student Profiles and Classroom Interactions Useful Downloadable Resources

    • Includes Coaching to Support Implementation and Application in Classroom Practice

    • Completion of Pathways to Proficient Reading and/or Pathways to Structured Literacy gives educators eligibility to sit for CERI instructor certification exams.

  • Customized Structured Literacy Instruction Using AIM Pathways Course Sections - Supplement classroom instruction at your institution with assigned sections of learning from AIM Pathways courses. AIM is currently partnering with Dr. Katharine Pace Miles at Brooklyn College, CUNY to provide this learning opportunity in her literacy interventions course aligned to the science of reading.
    • Instructional material aligned to the IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.
    • Chosen material can complement existing course content.
    • Opportunity for teacher training and tutoring opportunities
  • Supplementing Classroom Instruction with AIM Steps to Literacy Modules - AIM’s Steps to Literacy modules provide short form, fully online learning opportunities in foundational literacy skills using information and resources drawn from AIM Pathways courses.

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