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AIM Pathways received a Reimagine Education Gold Award in the Science of Learning category at the December 2020 conference. We are honored that our evidence-based program has received this important recognition and look forward to sharing more results from our Pathways participants as they take the science of reading into classrooms and schools.


Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition
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How It Works

Research shows that traditional stand and deliver workshops are ineffective at changing instructional practices.  Teachers find it difficult to translate theoretical models into classroom practice. For that reason, AIM PATHWAYScourses are designed to follow a Learn, Practice and Apply cycle.

  • Participants acquire knowledge through hundreds of learning tools including articles, teacher classroom videos, animations and videos of experts in the field.
  • Participants will practice with specially-designed interactive activities and downloadable resources to help them translate their new knowledge into instructional practice.
  • Participants demonstrate understanding of the content by applying their new knowledge to real life classroom scenarios via multi-step student case studies.
  • All Pathways participants receive 8 virtual coaching sessions to facilitate and support knowledge acquisition and classroom implementation.


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I appreciate the opportunity to be part of this learning experience! It is a great opportunity to gain new information about the science behind the teaching of reading and to refresh my skill set. The format (reading through material at my own pace and meeting virtually every other week) has been easy to incorporate into my busy schedule. The opportunity to connect with other educators has been valuable as well. 

-AIM Pathways Participant and Special Education Teacher, Chester County Intermediate Unit