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Graduate Credits for AIM Pathways Courses

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Providing education students and teachers access to courses grounded in the science of reading is critical to improving reading outcomes for all students. The AIM Institute for Learning & Research is pleased to collaborate with Arcadia University to offer the opportunity to receive 3 Graduate Credits for successful completion of AIM Pathways courses including: the IDA-Accredited Pathways to Proficient Reading, Pathways to Literacy Leadership, Pathways to Proficient Writing, and Pathways to Structured Literacy.

In addition to completing AIM Pathways courses for credits, individuals interested in pursuing literacy instruction further can also complete Arcadia's Literacy Instruction Certificate, a 15-credit online program with all courses part of programs accredited by the International Dyslexia Association.

This online certificate program includes three Pathways™ courses taught through AIM and transcripted for credit through Arcadia (3 credits each); and two, 3-credit, online courses from the Graduate Reading Program, for a 5-course Graduate Certificate in Literacy. Certificate course options in addition to the AIM Pathways training include: Seminar in Reading, Literature for Children and Youth, and Multilingual/Multicultural Assessment.

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Arcadia Credit Requirements

  • In order to qualify for graduate credits that Arcadia will accept, participants must average 83% for their total grade.
  • All course grades are determined by participation in Post Knowledge Inventory, end-of-section quiz scores, and the virtual community of practice sessions provided during the course.
  • AIM assigns a grade upon completion of the course according to the Arcadia Graduate Academic Policies.

  • Registration for graduate credits through Arcadia will be available in the final month of your course and must be completed by the 15th of that month. 
  • Cost per graduate credits is $150 (Total Cost = $450)
  • Graduate credits cannot be applied for after the 15th of the month your course ends.
  • Please check with your school district or degree university for their policy on any reimbursement or transfer of credit grade requirement

Arcadia Graduate credit Registration

Certificate of Completion Requirements

Successful Completion of AIM Pathways courses:

  • Pathways to Proficient Reading
    • Completion of all 17 sections of the online course.
    • Completion of 6 Virtual Community of Practice sessions (asynchronous or synchronous)
  • Pathways to Literacy Leadership
    • Completion of all 10 sections of the online course.
    • Completion of 4 Virtual Community of Practice sessions (asynchronous or synchronous)
  • Pathways to Structured Literacy Course
    • Completion of all 9 sections of the online course.
    • Completion of 4 Virtual Community of Practice sessions (asynchronous or synchronous)
  • Pathways to Structured Literacy Practicum
    • Completion of 60 supervised contact hours and all other required documentation.
    • Completion of 6 formal observations.
    • Completion of 10 Virtual Community of Practice sessions (asynchronous or synchronous)

Continuing Education Credits

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Arcadia's Literacy faculty are thrilled that the School of Education is partnering with the AIM Institute to offer university credit for AIM's Pathways to Reading Program. The AIM Institute and Arcadia's School of Ed have a shared mission that all PA youth can #Readby4th. We know that expanding teachers' understanding of the science of reading has the potential to be a gamechanger in this region and we are proud to be part of that work. As an IDA accredited program, Arcadia is committed to building capacity in schools to meet the diverse needs of all learners and we look forward to expanding our relationship with AIM toward this shared value.

-Kim Dean, Chair, Arcadia's School of Education

AIM Pathways - An Introduction


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