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AIM Pathways received a Reimagine Education Gold Award in the Science of Learning category at the December 2020 conference. We are honored that our evidence-based program has received this important recognition and look forward to sharing more results from our Pathways participants as they take the science of reading into classrooms and schools.


Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition
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Approved Dyslexia-Related Training


Oregon Department of Education

The Oregon Department of Education now includes AIM Institute training on its 2023-2024 List of Approved Dyslexia-Related Training OpportunitiesOregon schools and districts can use AIM training to fulfill all three required focus areas for dyslexia-related training of K-5 teachers with:

  • Pathways to Proficient Reading  - An IDA-accredited, comprehensive foundational course in the science of reading, designed for educators committed to learning about the connection between reading research, theoretical models such as the Simple View of Reading and Scarborough’s Reading Rope, and best practices for language and literacy instruction in the classroom.


  • Demystifying Dyslexia - A 3-hour online training course providing in-depth learning about dyslexia, a common learning disability that affects 5-20% of the population. The curated content, includes a simulated dyslexia experience and printable classroom tools, explains the origin of dyslexia, the key characteristics of the disability, and the necessary elements to support these students in the classroom through interactive and multi-media learning experiences.

Completing AIM's Pathways to Proficient Reading course and Demystifying Dyslexia module addresses the following required focus areas:

  1. Understanding and recognizing dyslexia
  2. Using evidence‐based practices to systematically and explicitly teach the foundational skills in reading
  3. Intensifying instruction to meet the needs of students with severe reading difficulties, including dyslexia.

Learn from Dr. Kathleen Theodore, Louisiana Department of Education Literacy Coordinator, and other partners about what makes AIM Pathways literacy training unique.

About AIM Pathways

AIM Pathways comprehensive courses help educators gain knowledge and acquire tools to put the Science of reading to work in your classroom and schools.

Defining Advantages:

  • Created by educators for educators in collaboration with top literacy instruction researchers
  • Builds background knowledge with learning that is program and curriculum agnostic
  • Offers asynchronous online learning with real-time Virtual Community of Practice coaching sessions focused on classroom application.
  • Can be completed in one school year and is eligible for graduate credits.