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AIM Pathways for Louisiana

Learn from Dr. Kathleen Theodore, Louisiana Department of Education Literacy Coordinator, and other partners about what makes AIM Pathways literacy training unique.

After Act 108

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Louisiana's Act 108 required early literacy training based on the science of reading and includes extensive training in the five components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

As AIM Institute for Learning and & Research trained almost 10,000 educators and leaders throughout Louisiana, it became apparent that educators wanted more! Districts are looking beyond K-3 in efforts to effect long-term, sustainable systemic change rooted in Structured Literacy instruction. The AIM Institute supports this work by offering professional learning options Pre K-12 educators, district and school administrators, paraprofessionals, and specialists.

AIM Pathways courses are accredited by the International Dyslexia Association and  educators who have completed Pathways to Proficient Reading (or comparable training) have the opportunity to enroll in Pathways to Structured Literacy, a deeper dive into structured literacy instruction, that qualifies participants to sit for the KPEERI exam offered by the Center for Effective Reading Instruction.


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AIM Course Offerings

AIM Pathways comprehensive courses help educators gain knowledge and acquire tools to put the science of reading to work in your classroom and schools.

Defining Advantages:

  • Goes deeper into classroom practice and specific instructional applications
  • Offers higher levels of national credentialing for teachers and interventionists, including dyslexia 
  • Provides access to wider range of reading experts across the field
  • Includes writing and EL learners
  • Employs a blended approach, including coaching sessions for teachers and is:
    • Created by educators for educators 
    • Program and curriculum agnostic
    • More cost effective and less time intensive

Louisiana Partners

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AIM Pathways Impact

AIM is privileged to work with educators, school, district and state partners around the country to provide educators and education leaders with diagnostic and prescriptive tools grounded in the Science of Reading and the support required to apply and use this training in classroom practice. AIM Pathways educators and leaders now total more than 20,000 individuals in schools and districts in more than 30 states and three countries.

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