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AIM Pathways received a Reimagine Education Gold Award in the Science of Learning category at the December 2020 conference. We are honored that our evidence-based program has received this important recognition and look forward to sharing more results from our Pathways participants as they take the science of reading into classrooms and schools.


Reimagine Education Shortlist Recognition
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AIM Pathways Training Approved for Indiana Early Literacy Endorsement

Looking for comprehensive, IDA-accredited training to help fulfill Indiana's 80-hour professional development literacy endorsement?

AIM's Pathways to Proficient Reading taken in combination with Pathways to Structured Literacy is approved training  by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) to meet endorsement requirements. AIM's Pathways to Proficient Reading course is also approved as fulfilling 55 hours of the state-required 80 hours of training.

Learn more about how you can use AIM Pathways courses to provide training to your school or district educators to support Indiana's goal of ensuring 95% of third grade students can read by 2027 and fulfill HEA 1243's Early Literacy Endorsement requirements.

AIM Pathways comprehensive courses help educators gain knowledge and acquire tools to put the Science of Reading to work in classrooms and schools.

Defining Advantages:

  • Created by educators for educators in collaboration with top literacy instruction researchers

  • Builds background knowledge with learning that is program and curriculum agnostic

  • Offers asynchronous online learning with real-time Virtual Community of Practice coaching sessions focused on classroom application.

  • Can be completed in one school year and is eligible for graduate credits.

Early Literacy Endorsement Training Details

Each IDA-Accredited AIM Pathways Course includes:

  • 12-month access to the AIM Pathways Platform course content and classroom resources
  • An online Orientation and Pre-Course Knowledge Inventory (90 minutes)
  • Asynchronous Learning Sections and Synchronous Group Coaching Sessions (Virtual Community of Practice Sessions)
  • Post Course Knowledge Inventory  (90 minutes)
  • Pacing guide/Schedule for each course
  • Downloadable Resources such as Note Taking Guides
  • 3 Graduate Credits available per course through Arcadia University

Pathways to Proficient Reading Training Includes: 

  • 17 asynchronous learning sections  (See Detailed Syllabus
  • 6 One-Hour Virtual Community of Practice (VCOP) Coaching Sessions 
  • Pacing Guide/Schedule for course work
  • Approximately 55 Hours of Coursework

Pathways to Structured Literacy Training Includes:

  • 9 asynchronous learning sections (see Detailed Syllabus)
  • 4 One-Hour Virtual Community of Practice (VCOP) Coaching Sessions 
  • Resource Purchases - Required: Multisensory Teaching of Basic Language Skills (4th Edition) Purchase Here; Optional: Pathways to Structured Literacy Volume 1 and 2 Guides Purchase Here
  • One-year access to a vast digital Resource Library

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  • Accredited PD for ALL educators, Pre-K through 12th as well as pre-service teachers and school leaders
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Resources and tools to support classroom implementation

AIM Pathways course options include IDA-accredited courses eligible for CERI certification, modules for early childhood instruction and comprehensive training to support English Learners.

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Pathways Training For Higher Ed

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Pathways to Proficient Reading, AIM's IDA-accredited comprehensive training course is also approved training to fulfill the Indiana Department of Education's Educator Preparation Provider Literacy Endorsement and is eligible training for Indiana universities and colleges applying for the EPP Literacy Endorsement Professional Development Grant.

AIM provides a sustainability Pathway through a Training-of-Trainers Program. After participants complete the required Pathways coursework, higher education faculty members can serve as AIM Integrated Literacy Facilitators to teach their students using the latest research that is embedded in the AIM coursework. This includes leveraging the AIM platform, the high-quality instructional materials, the vetted slide decks to facilitate Community-of-Practice sessions. 

Learn from Dr. Kathleen Theodore, Louisiana Department of Education Literacy Coordinator, and other partners about what makes AIM Pathways literacy training unique.