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AIM Pathways™

Imagine you had the tools to

teach every child to read

Available to educators and schools nationwide

on June 1, 2019

How does AIM Pathways™ Work?

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Literacy Instruction in a Revolutionary Platform

AIM PATHWAYS is a research-driven, digitally-delivered learning tool that teachers can learn, practice, and apply in their classrooms.

Who Benefits from AIM Pathways?

  • Classroom Teachers K-5
  • Learning Specialists
  • Special Educators
  • Administrators
  • University Education Programs
  • State Departments of Education

Easy to access and enhanced by a supportive community

AIM Pathways puts diagnostic and prescriptive tools at your fingertips with on-demand, mobile-friendly access, and connects you with IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards.

How is AIM Pathways Used?

  • As a Professional Development Solution at Scale
  • To Meet Statewide Dyslexia Training Requirements
  • Use Completely Online or as a Complement for Stand and Deliver PD

Unique, Evidence-Based Learning opportunity for Teachers

AIM Pathways provides research-driven courses that can transform teaching with scalable training and interactive learning through case studies and classroom simulations.

What Will You Get with AIM Pathways?

  • A Robust Online Community of Informed Practitioners
  • AIM Pathways Online Platform and Courses
  • AIM Virtual Community of Practice Coaching
  • AIM Pathways Orientation and Implementation Plan



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