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Pre-registration with AIM Institute is required for all training. Details of our refund/cancellation policy can be found here.

AIM Pathways™

Imagine you had the tools to

teach every child to read

AIM PathwaysTM Interactive Digital Teacher Training Platform Is Available to Educators and Schools Nationwide

The AIM Pathways training is a must for anyone working with developing readers.  The platform uses a variety of modalities to engage with the content which helps ensure retention of the material.  The student-teacher videos are truly unique; it's as though you're in the classroom observing a master teacher who is implementing the strategies you just learned.  I highly recommend the AIM Pathways training as a great first step toward investing in your student's literacy skills.

-Steve Brady, Assistant Principal, Inwood Academy for Leadership

AIM delivers with its new AIM Pathways course! I highly recommend this innovative learning experience for any educator who wants evidence-based solutions to improve literacy instruction. This interactive and supportive course helps translate important language and literacy research into practical teaching strategies for students with reading difficulties.

Amy M. Elleman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Literacy Studies Ph.D. Program, Department of Elementary and Special Education, Middle Tennessee State University

Learn, Practice, Apply

Research shows that traditional stand and deliver workshops are ineffective at changing instructional practices.  Teachers find it difficult to translate theoretical models into classroom practice. For that reason, AIM PATHWAYScourses are designed to follow a Learn, Practice and Apply cycle. Participants acquire knowledge and then have the opportunity to practice that knowledge by completed specially designed activities that will help them begin that translation. Once they have learned and practiced their new skills, participants demonstrate their understanding of the content by applying their knowledge to real life scenarios via student case studies. Our Pathways to Proficient Reading course has has received accreditation from the International Dyslexia Association for its alignment to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.


AIM Pathways™ Introduction

Learn more about the unique, interactive digital platform designed to deliver research and evidence-based content in the science of reading and the first course, Pathways to Proficient Reading, which has received accreditation from the International Dyslexia Association for its alignment to the IDA's Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.

Literacy Instruction for Educators in a Revolutionary Platform

AIM PATHWAYS is a research-driven, digitally-delivered learning tool that teachers can learn, practice, and apply in their classrooms.

Who Benefits from AIM Pathways?

  • Classroom Teachers K-5
  • Learning Specialists
  • Special Educators
  • Administrators
  • University Education Programs
  • State Departments of Education

Easy to access and enhanced by a supportive community

AIM Pathways puts diagnostic and prescriptive tools at your fingertips with on-demand, mobile-friendly access, and connects you with IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards.

How is AIM Pathways Used?

  • As a Professional Development Solution at Scale
  • To Meet Statewide Dyslexia Training Requirements
  • Use Completely Online or as a Complement for Stand and Deliver PD

Unique, Evidence-Based Learning opportunity for Teachers

AIM Pathways provides research-driven courses that can transform teaching with scalable training and interactive learning through case studies and classroom simulations.

What Will You Get with AIM Pathways?

  • A Robust Online Community of Informed Practitioners
  • AIM Pathways Online Platform and Courses
  • AIM Virtual Community of Practice Coaching
  • AIM Pathways Orientation and Implementation Plan
  • Opportunity to purchase and receive three graduate credits from Arcadia University

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